How do I change the controls? (Advanced)

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Follow the steps below to change your controls in Dimension Jump:

  1. Download the "input_mappings.json" file.
  2. Place file in C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\dimension_jump.
  3. Edit the file to your liking.

To add or change controls for each function you can follow the guide below.

Modifying keys

Each function is listed like so:

"jump_held": {
    "keyboard_check": [
    "gamepad_button_check": [
    "keyboard_hint": "spr_tutorial_keyboard_up",
    "gamepad_hint": "spr_tutorial_gamepad_a"

To change or add new keys, you can to the list under "keyboard_check":

"keyboard_check": [

This example adds the "J" key while retaining the up key's functionality.

List of modifiable controls

The list of controls and relevant identifiers are below:

  • Move left: "left_held"
  • Move right: "right_held"
  • Move up: "up_held"
  • Move down: "down_held"
  • Jump: "jump_held", "jump_press_not_held" and "jump_release"
  • Dimension Jump: "dimension_jump_press_not_held"
  • Teleport: "teleport_held", "teleport_press_not_held" and - "teleport_release"
  • Back / Exit: "back_press_not_held", "back_at_menu_press_not_held", "back_at_main_menu_press_not_held" and "main_menu_quick_escape"
  • Restart: "restart_press_not_held"
  • Start level / Select menu item: "start_press_not_held" and "start_at_main_menu_press_not_held"
  • Swap leaderboard list: "level_select_leaderboard_swap"

Be sure to change all relevant identifiers.

There are other functions regarding the level editor which may be altered the same way.